Rebecca Chou



Rebecca Chou is a visual artist who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA and Paris, France. She has exhibited paintings and prints in North America and Europe.

Rebecca's works are done primarily with acrylic on canvas and panels. She finds resonance in Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel's writing about Reductionism in Art and Brain Science--our brains fire up in more regions when seeing art in abstract, reductive forms vs. representational images. 

Currently Rebecca is a Trustee of the San Francisco Art Institute and a Board Director of Silicon Valley Asia America MultiTechnology Association.  


"Share my enthusiasm for creating new visual experience through forms and colors!

Some people experience music in my works, or space, or motion. Others perceive, feel or recall experiences they bring forward to the moment. However fleeting, the treasure of perception is yours! 

Let's continue our creative experience together!"